Research, Innovation, Engagement, and Job Creation

The Research, Innovation, Engagement, and Job Creation Workgroup reviews, recommends, and engages the Board members in discussion of policies and strategic initiatives for enhancing the USF System's sponsored research portfolio, including:

  • The responsible conduct of research
  • The research infrastructure
  • Innovation opportunities and partnerships
  • Workforce development and economic development
  • International activities, programs, and services

Prior to fall 2005, the Health Sciences and Research Workgroup met as three separate workgroups: Health Sciences, Research, Scholarship, and University Engagement; the Health Sciences Workgroup and the Research; Scholarship Workgroup also met annually in a joint meeting. In fall 2011, workgroups were realigned to address the current needs of the USF System.


  • Trustees: Byron Shinn-Chair, Stephen Mitchell, Esq., Debbie Sembler, Nancy Watkins and Jordan Zimmerman
  • USF St. Petersburg Campus Board Liaison: John Connelly
  • Community Liaisons: Robert Garcia
  • Faculty Liaisons: Associate Professor Lisa Brown, Professor Robert Frisina, Professor Cindy Munro, Professor Alison Watkins
  • Vice President: Paul Sanberg
  • Staff Liaisons: Rhonda Hendrix